Saturday, December 8, 2007

FRiEnDLy MatCh aGaiNsT DuTcH TeaM

LLRC FT vs DUTCH at Panaga Club
6th December 2007

It was a rainy night but the game still proceeded... on aja...hujan pebaik.. Pemain2 nya semua bersemangat. Look at the video of them training, rajin kannnnzz....

Well, they played against the Dutch Team at Panaga Club. A good show up of players, tapi mun suruh berlatih...ish bukan susah kan suruh attend.. but friendly.. kan semua datangnya.. biasa la tu..

Anyway, 1st half started raining tah jua..Game only lasted for 10mins before the siren went off to inform players "Game to be stopped. Heavy rain and thunder. To be continued if rain dah redaaaaa". Tapi that 1st 10 minutes, LLRC FT successfully scored 2 goals, both by Safuan @ BB at the 3rd and 5th minute.

Game finally dapat diteruskan as the rain started to stop. Continued the next 35mins. Pam made a good header in front of the Dutch goal but unsuccessfully, terMiss tah jua his shot atu.. it was a good one just after 3mins of starting the game. Anyway, he took revenge and scored 2mins later! The game was good, attacking all the time, leaving the keeper Amad boreeeddddd waiting for the ball to come to him.. Two more goals were scored by Jeh and Hafiy at the 32nd and 36th minute. At the end of 1st half...score was 5 to LLRC FT... 0 for Dutch... (5-0)

In the 2nd half of the game, the Dutch were successful to take revenge and scored their first goal right at the corner, just passed over the head of the keeper Achong... That was a lucky goal at the 14th minute. The one and only lah tu for that night.. jadi tah... Additional goals for LLRC FT that 2nd half by Faizal Hazis and Pam again giving LLRC FT a total score of 7-1.


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