Monday, December 17, 2007

2nd Round of Brunei Futsal Tournament 2007

The second round of the Brunei futsal tournament was held on the 12th December 2007.
Schedule shows that LLRC FT tah yang paling awal to have their match.

Tskkk... not only the guys were the first team to play that evening, but they had to meet against the army guys SATRIA who were ready to shoot anyone in their way! Our guys were ready with their eagerness and stamina but they forgot to load their ammunition in their riffles...

LLRC FT lost to SATRIA who obtained 5 goals. However, LLRC FT was able to get a golden goal by JeH in the 2nd half of the game. A lot of opportunities in front of the Satria goal but then their shots were out of alignment and ended up at the sides or above. A pity... but they gave their best shot that night...


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