Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Tuesday night, 18th December 2007, LLRC FT had a friendly match against Division 1 of the DST-Group Premier League SENGKURONG FC.
Again, it was raining heavily but the game still proceeded... on aja..
"Hujan turun..hujan turun... dimana.. disini..mari kita mandi..mari main bola friendly... ding dong bell..ding dong bell..."
Friendly match started at 8.15pm... Nda lama tu, in 2 minutes only.. score tia Sengkurong FC... mcm tak percaya jer watch the ball go in.. I myself pun ter'HUH'...masuk?? Was an easy goal anyway coz mcm nada org menjaga jua.. I admit, that was LLRC's first mistake in the game.
Anyhow, game proceeded and the ball possession were equally between LLRC and Sengkurong. LLRC keeper Amad played well (after the first goal scored by Sengkurong.. hehehe). All the shots tried by Sengkurong was no success for them as Amad was able to stop them. In the 18th min, Hafiy made the first goal for LLRC, followed by Nafi at 24th min. An excellent shot from the corner was made at the 33rd min again by Nafi and a closing goal for the 1st half of the game at 41 mins by Pam.

2nd half of the game started at 9.15pm... still heavily raining.. Alot of puddles which made it more difficult. A perfect goal could have been made by Pam when he was one to one with the Sengkurong keeper.. cantikkk..lawa dah his kick, the ball flew pass the keeper heading straight towards the centre of the goal, tapi sayang..ada tia puddle depan goal atu and the ball landed there and...stopped!! lerrrr...sempat tia the keeper save the ball... Possession this 2nd half was mainly by LLRC but unfortunately the game was stopped at 30 mins when some misunderstanding occured.

This left the match LLRC FT 4 - SENGKURONG FC 1


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