Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Brunei Futsal Tournament 2007 (GROUP G)

4th December 2007, 1st round for LLRC FT, in BFT Group G.

G5. KAPA 11

LLRC's 1st game was against JDBM. 1st five yg main dulu were Amad, Kamri, Elmi, Bibi and Ajul..... LLRC was just beaten by JDBM by one point. In 1st half Kamri made the first goal at the 9th min. 2nd half Hafiz made the 2nd goal for LLRC. End of the game, score was 2-3.

LLRC's 2nd game was against KAPA 11 at 9.30pm. 4 goals were obtained by LLRC - Bibi at the 2nd min, Nafi just after that at the 3rd min, followed again by Kamri after the 4th min... ey..sorang2 tia kan mengoal ah...and then lastly, the final goal by Gnuar at 8.5min. Thus leaving LLRC 4-1 against KAPA 11.

LLRC's 3rd game was against SABINA Jr. Game started was 10.25pm. At the 3rd min of the 1st half, Elmi scored. A fast game...lots of missed shots by LLRC...sayang oohhh... Luckily, during the 2nd half, 3 goal diperolehi- Azri @jeh pada min ke 6, followed by Dany a few secs after that and one last goal by Dany as well at 8th min, leaving LLRC 4 -SABINA Jr 0...

Last game which started at 11.20pm was against Phospor FC, where LLRC won 5 - 2. Goal pertama by Gnuar pada min ke 2.5 at the 1st half. 3mins later scored by Bibi and a min later by Gnuar lagiiii.. thus 1st half 3 for LLRC. 2nd half of the game Dany scored at the 5th min and closing goal from Ajul just close to the end at the 9th min...

Midnight all matches for LLRC FT was finished and a another few hours before being able to rest their tired body on their nice cozy bed... Tapi sebelum that, makan la dulu we all... Nasi katok ja. atu pun ada appetite eh.. Boleh tahan ni durang bila sebut pasal makan.. (",)

Well, for summary, LLRC's ranking in the 1st round is 2nd place. JDBM who has 12pts, LLRC 9pts and KAPA 11 with 4pts will move to the next round.


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