Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Update from Last week results

LLRC FT went toMiri, Malaysia to play against FBSB FC for the quarterfinal of Liga Bandaraya Miri. Sadly we we're out of the tournament in the extra time. we have to blame ourselves coz only 11 players turned out.

LLRC FT 1-1 FBSB (Normal time) 
Scorer: Amy Amizan
LLRC FT 2-3 FBSB FC (Extra Time)
Scorer: Safuan Juhar (Bb)
LLRC FT (you can see yourselves whos the strange person in the starting line up) hahaha

 skillfull jua.. who is that no.11??

LLRC United (Futsal Team) was at the Opening Ceremony for NFABD Futsal League. LLRC United is in Group G which consist of:
  1. Stone Villa FT
  2. Mixed Star FT
  3. Najip FC
  4. LLRC United
  5. RBA FT
On that day it self, we were drawn against Najip FC in the second match of the Opening Ceremony.

20 mins- 1st half
20 mins- 2nd half.
each half has 1 min of time out.

A new format of futsal league in brunei which is very encouraging ( Standard Futsal rules) where most of the tournaments for the last few years it was 5 mins each half where most teams will win by penalty. hahahaha

LLRC United 5-2 Najip FC
Scorer: Haikal (2), Ajen (2), Azmi (1)

Great skills, great teamwork. BUT No stamina.. hahahah

Good luck for the remaining fixtures ;)

LLRC United

Bah ok thats all.. Im very busy with work.. Nanti lagi k.. Maju sukan utk LLRC.. hahaha


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