Saturday, February 18, 2012

HBT U-21 2-0 LLRC FT

Overall good game.. good experience for us.. and enjoyable..

GOOD LUCK BRUNEI HBT Team for your upcoming tournament next week.

LLRC FT Head Coach..

HBT Head Coach

Surprisingly.. Halftime HBT 0-0 LLRC..

After the game.. we had penalty shootout. this was the only saved by Achong from Adi Said attempt where he scored 2 goals in the 2nd half. ;)

HBT Goalkeeper.. Hes a top keeper for futsal where ive seen him on several occassion.
Last Night was the 1st time seen him on the field, he commands very well and a TOP WORLD CLASS SAVE shot from our NO.10 Bibi where it could have been 1-1 and game on.. heheh

LLRC FT Management and supporters watching the shootout..

Our own Ryan Giggs.. hahaha Hj Anuar where eventhough with 20 years of football experience.. his shot was wide and made LLRC lost the penalty shoot-out

Penalty : HBT Team 4-3 LLRC FT


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