Wednesday, June 15, 2011

FFBD will not continue DST BPL

Assalamualaikum LLRC FT..

As you all know that DST Brunei Premier League and FA Cup Will NOT BE CONTINUED. So....... I thanked all the players for their commitment (Commitment PALUI) hahahaha.. their hard work in trainings and on the pitch.. especially c gnuar saja.. ia TOP SCORER 2011.. hahahah

bah.. cari2 friendly.. kalau ada team mau frenly.. contact2 saja Hj.pendi (8765186), Hanafi(8733850) or aku Ahmad (7195998)

lastly... tani buat BARBEQUE.. main crab fish.. hahahahaha take care LLRC FT.. harap2 kamu jgn lari ke team lain.. hahahahaha


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