Thursday, January 28, 2010

'BPL needs better referees'

Amir Amin

Monday, January 11, 2010

AHMAD SAZARIN HJ AHMAD SABLI, the assistant manager of LLRC FT, was furious with the referee who officiated at their DSTGroup Brunei Premier League II (BPL II) match against the Brunei Association of Banks (BAB) on Saturday, saying improvements must to be made.Ahmad Sazarin told the Press after the match: "I'm not quite satisfied with the refereeing. I don't think Md Bahrin (Hj Sahari) deserved the second yellow but the referee was pressured by the BAB players, so what can you do."The assistant manager was referring to the incident which occurred in the 60th minute when LLRC FT skipper, Md Bahrin Hj Sahari, challenged two BAB players for the ball.The BAB players then started to approach the referee and a mini scuffle broke out between players from both teams.Having calmed the players down, the referee consulted one of the linesmen regarding the incident and decided to award the LLRC FT captain his second yellow of the night.BAB, however, could not take advantage of their numerical superiority allowing LLRC FT to hold their defence and eventually snatch a 3-1 victory."Changes are definitely needed. We're playing in one of the major leagues in Brunei. We weren't playing in a friendly or a district league."In the match the referee was easily influenced by the players. It's like it wasn't him who was making the decisions, but the angry players who were surrounding him," said Ahmad Sazarin."Improvements need to be made regarding the referees."For the first offence, I admit that the referee was right to book him as it was a blatant obstruction."But the second is entirely a different story. I really don't think that Md Bahrin deserved it (the second yellow). The players went down too easily and started acting all hurt," said the assistant manager.Md Bahrin echoes Ahmad Sazarin's words saying the punishment he was dealt with was unjustified."It was an unfair decision and maybe the referee isn't qualified (for these type of matches). When he gave me the second booking, I was shocked."Two BAB players went down after I made the tackle and the referee decided to book me, even though I got the ball, after consulting with the linesman," said the LLRC FT captain."Improvements must be made as this wasn't the first time such a thing had occurred. Error in judgment made by the referee has cost us before, like the game against AM Gunners FC," he added.The player was talking about the DSTGroup League Cup quarter-final match last November which LLRC FT lost 2-5 to the Gunners.An incident in the 17th minute marred the League Cup match, when LLRC FT's Jasnie Juri came up with a sliding tackle on AM Gunners' Md Najib Hj Tarif.Both men were handed their marching orders after a minor scuffle; a decision which was met with derision by both set of fans.After the match, the Gunners head coach Hj Ahmad Hj Husin also commented on the referee saying: "He (Md Najib) was tackled from behind and when he got up after the injury he was given a red."It was definitely not a red, both players and managers know that. It was a decision that spoilt the game for both of us."

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