Sunday, January 10, 2010

B.A.B. 1 - 3 LLRC FT

Congratulations to the team for their success in the 1st game of the New Year 2010.
Applaud to Hj Annuar for the 1st goal and the other 2 goals to Pam..
Hj Bahrin, sabar saja tah for getting 2 yellow cards - merahhhh~~~

Lets share some photos of the night

The family and friend supporters and ME!
Young supporters hehhe..

Warm up time.. ani posing dulu la...

Briefing time before the game

Let the game beginnnn...GO LLRC FT

After the match, all sweaty and tired

Kenapa tia coach ahh?? frust benar tu eh! ahaha
The B.A.B. teams... the group of Banks guys... $$$$$


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