Thursday, May 14, 2009

LLRC FT in DST League Division II

Assalamualaikum semua..

It is confirmed that LLRC FT will STILL be playing in Premier II for the year 2009 despite last years rules where no.2 in Div 2 will be playing playoff for divsion 1. This year's rules changed where Premier 1 consist of 10 teams and Premier II too consist of 10 teams. So we are stuck in Premier II. Nevertheless we will try and fight to get to Premier 1. Insyallah..

DST Premier 1 consists of

  1. MS ABDB
  2. QAF FC
  3. Jerudong FC
  4. NBT FC
  6. AH United
  7. Indera FC
  8. Wijaya FC
  9. Brunei Shell FT
  10. AM Gunners (Newly Promoted)

DST Premier II
  1. LLRC FT
  2. Lun Bawang FC
  3. Muara Vella FC
  4. Menglait FC
  5. Perkasa
  6. Kilanas FC
  7. Kota Ranger
  8. Waiting for Playoff (I heard one of them is Phosphor FC)
  9. Waiting for Playoff
  10. Waiting for Playoff


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