Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Training Session

After training

The one n only left sided player off LLRC FT at the moment.

Players listening n focusing on what the coach is saying.

The 2nd player is Sufiyan, a former Bandaran KB player who is now on trial with us. His fitness need to improve if he wants to cope with the team and the league.

Many people may know abt him, he is Den-den from QAF FC. Hes on trial with us. Honestly speaking.. we need him. (nda kan harap kan aku saja haha)

Kamri, the most yellow carded player received last season.. He too needs to lose some weight (jgn mare~~ pusing pun pyh2)

Azri Jebri, Top scorer last season.. still active..

The person in the middle is our new staff.. Mad Tempey.. ahahha nda ku tau nama bnr nya.. He is assigned as a Medic assistant.

This was yesterday afternoon during training.. a few new faces quite happy with the players that turned up.


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