Monday, March 30, 2009

LLRC FT in 2nd Place

LLRC Legend.. thats what our team was named in the tournament.
Standing: Udin, Armane, Hj Saiful, Hanafi, Faizal
Sitting: Hj Anwar, Ahmad, Hj Bahrin
Missing : Mastani (Alus)

LLRC Legend
won Cash prize worth $300, a 2nd place trophy and certificate.

1st round

  1. LLRC 1 - 0 NBT 'B' (scorer Faizal)
  2. LLRC 1 - 0 SC20 (scorer Hj Saiful)
  3. LLRC 2 - 1 V5 FT (scorer Hj Bahrin and Hj Saiful)
  4. LLRC 0 - 1 Wahwaza
  5. LLRC 0 - 0 SHY FC
2nd Round
6. LLRC 3 - 0 Pandan 'C' (scorer Hj Saiful, Faizal, Hj Anuar)

7. LLRC 4 - 0 J.O 'B' (scorer Hanafi(2), Faizal, Hj Saiful)

8. LLRC 1 - 1 NBT 'B' (scorer Armane)
We won through Penalty with the score 4-3
Penalty Takers: Hj Saiful, Hanafi, Hj Anuar,Ahmad, Bahrin (miss!! hit the post!!)

9. LLRC 1 - 9 SHY FT (scorer Hj Bahrin)

LLRC Legend was outclassed by the SHY FT with their passing and stamina. Lalah waaa..

Our top scorer was Hj Saiful.. bukan Hj Azanie dari Lalala.. (out!!!) hahaha

After the tournament.. nampak ceria ahh.. ngaleh tu sebenarnya..

LLRC all the way!!!

with LaLaLa FT

Bandaran KB Heroes back in 2005/2006

Heroes LLRC umur lebih dari 32 tahun ke atas.. hahahahaha


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