Friday, March 20, 2009

LLRC FT 4-2 Polis KB

Morning guys, sory for the late update..

in the 1st half we played with our 1st eleven and we managed to score 4 goals ( pam2, ajul n our new youngster, Gazi). The turn out was great, we managed to make 2 teams in one game.

That means, in the second half the other 11 played with a few youngsters making their runs. Nada goal from us Tapi the Polis KB scored two goals from Mimi (former LLRC FT player) and sorang atu nda tau sapa.. this was a mistake from the keeper and lack of communication between the defenders.

Nda apa laaa ani 1st game tani in 2009. I hope that next game dapat improve lagi.. so Keep it up and Keep it going.

Some pictures from the friendly..


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