Saturday, April 19, 2008


I just want to congratulate the team for winning yesterday's game against Menglait FC for their first match of the FA CUP. Its a pity I had to miss a lot of the games.. especially for the DST-Group BPL. Hopefully LLRC FT can get through several more games so I can watch at least a match with Baby Darwisyha..

Well done to Mohd Shah Hafiz for his hat-trick. Keep up the excellent effort and scoring. Hope to see many more hat-trick in the other games. I also hope to see the other players to get hat-tricks as well... hmm.. will need to give a reward for this...should i?? hehe..

Anyway, congratulation as well for getting 2nd place in the DST-GROUP BRUNEI PREMIER LEAGUE. Will organize something to celebrate this with the club management and committees once i get myself organized!


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