Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Group A

  1. LLRC FT
  2. G.B.L.L
  3. Pandan Football Associates

Group B

  1. Jabatan Daerah Belait
  2. Pandaria Utd
  3. Bomba

Group C

  1. J.O FC
  2. Seven-Eleven
  3. Bandaran KB

Group D

  1. Arena FC
  2. Imfera Utd
  3. TSW-Four'ce

The league started on 09-03-08 where the opening game was between J.O FC vs Seven-Eleven where J.O FC lost 2-1.

For information, only leaders in the group will advanced. and one U-19 player must be played on the field.

P14 : 01-04-08 (Tuesday) Leaders Group A vs Leaders Group C

P15 : 02-04-08 (Wednesday) Leaders Group B vs Leaders Group D

3rd-4th Place
P16 : 05-4-08 (Saturday) Loser P14 vs Loser P15

P17 : 06-03-08 (Sunday) Winner P14 vs P15


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