Sunday, February 17, 2008


Saturday, 16th February 2008

LLRC FT came over for a BBQ gathering to celebrate the winning of the previous quarterfinal match against Wijaya FC... Just for relaxing and enjoying themselves..

Not only was there BBQ but a PRO EVO SOCCER tournament (PES 2007) was also held for the players.

Hj Affandi, the coach, made the honour to present hadiah for the winners of the tournament.
Winner - Hj Annuar

2nd - Hj Boy

3rd - Ajul

We also took the opportunity to celebrate those players whose birthday is in February
( which includes Me! hehehe...)

Mastani (Alus), Hj Annuar, Osman, Faizal Azmi (Jai), Hj Saiful (GBobby), Amad and Serudin.

Guess kaki-kaki siapa saja ni haaa.. pantang liat shape bola, macam wanna get ready to kick it! heehee....


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