Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Date: 15th JANUARY 2008

LLRC FT met again with KOTA RANGERS but this time for thefirst round of the LEAGUE CUP.
I didn't join the team coz the match was in the evening and in bandar.. maklum lah..dengan baby dalam perut ni which is now heavy and huge, i kinda wanna lessen down my night activities. So there won't be any pictures this time. My dear hubby NO.1, lupa to bring the camera.... (",)

Anyhow, to make it brief, LLRC FT won 2 - 0 in the first half. Hj Matsetejo, the President of LLRC came to watch the team in action and was happy with the goals. He commented that No.23 Mohd Shah Hafiz made a FANTASTIC goal (2nd goal). I was lucky to see this goal in the RTB News the next nyte after the match... nda jua rugi ah nda attend LIVE.. ehehehe..
The first goal was scored by No.8 Hj Bahrin... He didn't play in the first match with Kota Rangers last time. That time he just came back from peforming his least now he had the chance to experience against the team and scored one.

Players List for this match:
1. Ahmad Sazarin bin Hj Ahmad Sabli
2. Hj Saiful Nairul Azli bin Hj Hassan
3. Jasnie bin Juri
4. Mohd Alidris bin Mat Said
5. Mohd Armane bin Abu Basrah
6. Md Khairul Azri bin Hj Bujang
7. Kambri bin Rambli
8. Safuan bin Juhar
9. Muhammad Amir bin Adam
10. Mohammad Azri bin Jebri
11. Ak Mohd Azrul Ariffin bin Pg Matussin
12. Hanafi bin Suhaili
13. Mohd Faizal bin Hazis
14. Hj Mohd Bahrin bin Hj Sahari
15. Hj Annuar bin Hj Seidil
16. Sahrul Azni bin Zaini
17. Mohd Shah Hafiz bin Kipli
18. Muhammad Hafiy bin Effendy
1. Hj Mohd Bahrin bin Hj Sahari ( 37th Minute )
2. Mohd Shah Hafiz bin Kipli ( 41st Minute )

Well done LLRC FT, keep up the good work and get more training done so you all will be more fit and well organised for the coming matches... Proud of you all...especially my dearest keeper..hehee..

Second round of the LEAGUE CUP will be on the 23rd January 2008, against AM GUNNERS at Padang Belapan, Berakas@8.00pm.


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