Sunday, January 6, 2008

Briefing before warm-up. Selection of the first eleven and captain.
First Eleven:
** Ahmad Sazarin
** Ak Noorasmawi (Boy)
** Mohd Armane
** Kambri
** Safuan (Bibi)
** Muhd Amir
** Mohd Azri (Pam)
** Hanafi
** Md Faizal Azmi (Jai)
** Mohd Shah Hafiz
** Muhd Hafiy

** Hj Saiful Nairul (GBobby)
** Mohd Alidris (Mimi)
** Md Khairul Azi (Jeh)
** Ak Mohd Azrul Ariffin (Ajul)
** Mohd Amirul Nazrey
** Hj Annuar
** Muhd Adid

Captain: Hanafi

Kick-off game started at 4.00pm
LLRC FT : blue jersey
KOTA RANGERS : yellow jersey

LLRC FT opened up their first DST-Group Brunei Premier League with a win of 4-0 with KOTA RANGERS at BSRC, Seria.
The game started on a very hot very very hot la my frennnn...
Nwy, first half of the game showed an uncoordinated game. Opportunities were opened for LLRC FT but alot of mistakes were made in front of the goal. No.11 Muhammad Amir b Adam made an opening goal for the game on the 11th minute of the 1st half.
After the break, LLRC FT took charge again and this time more coordinated and full of stamina compared to the first half. No.23 Mohd Shah Hafiz made a shot through the legs of the keeper on the 59th minute of the game. This was then increased with a penalty shot taken by No.14 Hanafi, Captain of the day on the 69th minute. Full of energy and confidence, No.23 Mohd Shah Hafiz made the closing goal on the 77th minute with a tap-in which set the supporters wild with victory....
1. Muhammad Amir bin Adam, NO.11 ( 11th Minute )
2. Mohd Shah Hafiz bin Kipli, NO.23 ( 59th Minute )
3. Hanafi bin Suhaili, NO.14 ( 69th Minute )
4. Mohd Shah Hafiz bin Kipli, NO.23 ( 77th Minute )
Briefing by the coach after the game
Coach Hj Affandi congratulated the team for the victory in this first game of the DST-Group Brunei Premier League. But he also emphasized that there is still need of improvement. The team will need to train more harder and increase their stamina for the coming matches. Coordination and passing of the ball need to be strongly improved before the next game.

Penerimaan Nasi Katok after the match...hehheheh....


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